Sisters-N-Technology is a computer technology program designed for teenagers in Middle and High Schools. Our purpose is designed to work on the four core principles of coding. We have programs at Minneapolis North High School, Minneapolis South High School and Franklin Middle School in Minneapolis, MN.


Our girls have received numerous accolades for their efforts. We have been featured in numerous articles in Minneapolis Star Tribune, Shine-On, North side news, KMOJ radio 89.9, and have also made a promotional commercial promotional commercial and sisters-n-technology Facebook page.

If you would like to donate Please make checks out to Sisters-N-Technology or if you are a Non-profit send to the information provided below

Osiris Organization is our fiscal agent. They are a non-profit 501 (c)-(3) organization under the Internal revenue service (Tax id# 41-1879599)

Sisters-N-Technology: Address below; Address: 2011 3rd Ave S. #122 Minneapolis, MN 55404

Thank you!

Thomas Waltower- CEO 651.387.4041 or

We Thank You- Sisters-N-Technology LLC

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